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April cover The April 2017 issue of PragPub is now available. What if you could get the same work done with a tenth the coding effort? Low-code is an increasingly popular approach to programming that leverages visual development tools and third-party infrastructure so you can focus on the ten percent of your app that is unique. We’re looking at low-code this month, as well as Refactoring to Functional Style in Java 8, Mob Programming, and more. Here’s more helpful detail about what’s in the issue.

What’s it cost?
A couple of bucks. Twenty dollars for a full year, twelve issues.

OK, fine, but are there any freebies?
Just four years’ worth. You can download the first four years of PragPub in three formats: pdf or .mobi for your Kindle or .epub for other mobile devices here. Ad-free. DRM-free. Free. Check us out. If you like what you see, come back and get the latest issue.

How about volume pricing?
PragPub is DRM-free, but if you want to get it for your user group or classroom, it would be nice if you’d pay a little more. Check the store for pricing.

New Product

We just added 2016 to our Back Issue bundles. $12 for all three formats of all twelve issues of 2016. Same deal for 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Back Issues

2015 Index

You asked us to put back issues together in some sort of easy-to-access bundle at a discounted price. How’s this? All twelve 2016 issues for $12, just click that Get It button. Want 2015? 2014? 2013? Same deal.

And so you know what you’re getting, here are free indexes to those issues: