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August cover The August issue of PragPub is now available. Successful liftoffs. Bad managers. A dynamic static language. Data types you’ve never imagined. The vital importance of showing your work. How Pokémon won’t go. These are a few of our favorite things. Here’s more helpful detail about what’s in the issue.

What’s it cost?
A couple of bucks. Twenty dollars for a full year, twelve issues.

OK, fine, but are there any freebies?
Just four years’ worth. You can download the first four years of PragPub in three formats: pdf or .mobi for your Kindle or .epub for other mobile devices here. Ad-free. DRM-free. Free. Check us out. If you like what you see, come back and get the latest issue.

How about volume pricing?
PragPub is DRM-free, but if you want to get it for your user group or classroom, it would be nice if you’d pay a little more. Check the store for pricing.

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Making a 2D Game in Phaser Read this article by Brian Hogan.

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You asked us to put back issues together in some sort of easy-to-access bundle at a discounted price. How’s this? All twelve 2015 issues for $12, just click that Get It button. Want 2014? Same deal.

And so you know what you’re Getting, here’s a free index to those twelve 2015 issues, and here’s the index to 2014.