In PragPub Now

May cover The May issue of PragPub is now available. Elixir. Haskell. C. Windows. Testing. Ted Nelson. Surviving in an uncertain world. Stuff like that. Here’s more about what’s in the issue.

What’s it cost?
A couple of bucks. Twenty dollars for a full year, twelve issues.

OK, fine, but are there any freebies?
Just four years’ worth. You can download the first four years of PragPub in three formats: pdf or .mobi for your Kindle or .epub for other mobile devices here. Ad-free. DRM-free. Free. Check us out. If you like what you see, come back and get the latest issue.

How about volume pricing?
PragPub is DRM-free, but if you want to get it for your user group or classroom, it would be nice if you’d pay a little more. Check the store for pricing.

Back Issues

2015 Index You asked us to put back issues together in some sort of easy-to-access bundle at a discounted price. How’s this? All twelve 2015 issues for $12, just click that Get It button. Want 2014? 2013? Same deal.

And so you know what you’re Getting, here’s a free index to those twelve 2015 issues, here’s the index to 2014, and here’s the 2013 index.

Swaine’s World

Party Like It’s 1929

I get the appeal of a Roaring 20s-themed party in general, but if you’re a major Bay Area tech company, how out of touch with your company’s image outside your bubble do you have to be to think that channeling Gatsby is a good PR move?

It’s All About the Metadata

The WaPo talks encryption, metadata, and security In Theory.

A Perl Classic — for $0.00

Modern Perl 4th Edition by chromatic is out now, and the price of the digital version is $0.00.

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