What’s in it?

April cover The April issue of PragPub is now available. Meanwhile you’re thinking, like Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit, that you don’t want to be late to the party. You’re checking your Watch and imagining the apps you’ll develop for it. But before you follow the fuzzy fellow down Apple’s rabbit hole, maybe you should pause to let Jeff Kelley guide you in thinking about this new Apple Watch programming opportunity — in this issue. Plus Jeff Langr on distributed teams, Adam Tornhill on your code as a crime scene, functional programming in Swift, Rothman and Lester, Marcus Blankenship, Antonio Cangiano, John Shade, and more. Here’s more about what’s in the issue.

What’s it cost?

A couple of bucks. Twenty dollars for a full year, twelve issues.

OK, fine, but are there any freebies?
Just four years’ worth. You can download the first four years of PragPub in three formats: pdf or .mobi for your Kindle or .epub for other mobile devices here. Ad-free. DRM-free. Free. Check us out. If you like what you see, come back and get the latest issue.

How about volume pricing?
PragPub is DRM-free, but if you want to get it for your user group or classroom, it would be nice if you’d pay a little more. Check the store for pricing.

Oh, and we now have a Facebook page. Not sure what we'll be doing with it yet. But feel free to like it, because that's what friends do, right?

Who are you guys?

We’re The Prose Garden
We produce and distribute PragPub. We’ve been doing this kind of thing for a long time. This is not our first magazine.

No, who are you really?
Michael Swaine and Nancy Groth.

So you’re not Pragmatic Bookshelf?
No, but we work closely with them. Mike developed PragPub for the Pragmatic Bookshelf and we still produce it in conjunction with them. The Pragmatic Bookshelf, of course, is the publisher of the best books for programmers being produced today. You should check out their titles.